Changing course, once more

People come, people go.

Earlier this week, I resigned from speech & language company Nuance Communications, and signed at Colruyt Group.

For my foreign friends: Colruyt Group is Belgium’s largest food retailer - among other things - with a 24.7% local market share (source:

From mid-March 2016 on, I’ll be mining Colruyt’s vast data resources, in search for actionable insights and innovative applications.

I can’t be very specific at this moment, but text mining and process mining will likely be on my radar. While I did some work on (biological) text mining before - it’s a classical subdiscipline of Natural Language Processing - process mining is rather new to me. Which makes it all the more exciting, of course. I’m already reading an introductory book and taking the Coursera course.

Looking forward to 2016!