About this blog

Photo Credit: Jerry Ferguson (cropped from original)

About this blog

Hello! My name is Frederik Durant, I’m a native from Brussels, Belgium.

From January through April 2015, I took a self-sponsored sabbatical from Nuance Communications, where I worked as R&D Manager of Natural Language Understanding in the Automotive domain. The larger part of my sabbatical was devoted to a 12-week Data Science Bootcamp at Metis in the amazing city of New York.

This .data (“dot data”) blog saw the light in order to share my experiences before, during and after this sabbatical.

After the bootcamp, I returned home and took up a job as Staff Member in Data Innovation at Colruyt Group, Belgium’s largest food retailer.

Why .data as a name? Well, I started my career in the early dotcom era. These days of data (science) hype somehow remind me of them, that’s all. And it surely allows for a nice logo :-)