About this blog

Photo Credit: Jerry Ferguson (cropped from original)

About this blog

Hello! My name is Frederik Durant, I’m a native from Brussels, Belgium.

This .data (“dot data”) blog saw the light at the end of 2014. At the time, I was preparing for a self-sponsored sabbatical from Nuance Communications, where I worked as R&D Manager of Natural Language Understanding in the Automotive domain. The larger part of my sabbatical was devoted to a 12-week Data Science Bootcamp at Metis in the amazing city of New York.

After the bootcamp, I returned home and took up a job as Staff Member in Data Innovation at Colruyt Group, Belgium’s largest food retailer.

Starting September 2018, I spend my working weeks as a Sr. Data Scientist at Aire Labs in London (Shoreditch), UK. Each Friday evening, I travel back to Brussels to spend the weekend at home with my wife and daughters. Long live Eurostar!

Why .data as a name? Well, I started my career in the early dotcom era. These days of data (science) hype somehow remind me of them, that’s all. And it surely allows for a nice logo :-)