Not so guilty pleasures

There’s never been a better time for posers to be ourselves. In that spirit, let us, if you don’t mind, disclose a couple of pleasurable aspects of our lives. Not exactly Insta material, but what the heck? No one knows we’re a boomer anyway.

Having an alter ego

Oscar Wilde, cofounder of Kilty Pleasures, famously wrote:

Give a man a mask and he’ll tell you the truth

Can’t argue with that.

DJ Fré
Stiff upper lip says hello.

Non-PC comedy

Parental advisory: certain comments in this video may come across as patronizing to people with bad taste and questionable ethics.

Or rather see for yourself.

Cheesy love songs

Definitely something one can never be guilty enough of.

RSCA forever

Granted, my team are going through a difficult period. Maybe this motivational video can help.

Choir member memories

No decent church service without dressed-up cisgender persons in possession of male reproductive organs doing theatrical stuff. Kinda looks meaningful and serious. Might just as well be good for a laugh.

If God exists, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.

The thrill of not being humbled

On LinkedIn, the world’s professional bragging network, there’s a viral tendency of being thrilled and honoured and humbled and what not when announcing personal achievements. Must be a cultural thing.

Personally, I prefer to let awesomeness speak for itself, non diluted.

Because modesty is the greatest virtue of all.

Social pronouns

Who am I / who are we to unilaterally release my/our own personal pronouns to the rest of the world? I/we’d much rather have other people decide that for me/us.

After all, isn’t gender a social construct?