People, places and music

Life is a web of associations.

We go places. Spend time with people. And capture the moments in a word. And a song.


Zoom to moon, tell me
Camera obscura, is
Anyone out there?


Oxbridge ambitious
Aspiring to be common
Purpose, hard to find


Chelsea, 21st
and 7th, a world so large
yet a dream so real


Lost soul found again
for a brief never ending
moment, time stood still

2010 - 2012

Tango in the sky
Dancers twirling on the clouds
Eyes up in the sun

2002- 2010

Painful desire
Drifting off into the dark
No feeling unfelt

1998 - 2002

Dot com web flash boom
Bits and bytes and stocks for free
Swirling through our heads

1992 - 1997

Gin & juice for you?
Sure, said the teetotaller
Can’t wait to convert

1986 - 1992

Defrocked Jesuits
Have left their boys behind to
Take a sip from life

1980 - 1986

Unliveable age
If only you could see me
Because there I was

Swagger, style and charm
Ascended from outer space
Not just for one day

1975 - 1980

Vinyl Swedish blonde
Pops and cracks, the needle licks
Honey from her mouth

Elegance and sway
Image of an unborn time
Wait, I’m on my way