First week impressions

My first week in New York is coming to an end. Here’s what an average weekday has looked like, so far:

  • Out of bed way too early, between 1-4 AM, breakfast around 6-7 AM
  • Public transport from Krash Brooklyn to Metis in Midtown Manhattan:
    • Walk to Clinton/Washington station (5 minutes)
    • C line to West 4th Street / Washington Square station (9 stops, about 20 minutes)
    • B/D/F/M line to 34th Street / Herald Square station (3 stops, about 5 minutes)
    • Walk to Metis at 79 Madison Ave (10 minutes)
  • Class from 9AM until noon, first theory (project design, hypothesis testing, git & GitHub), then practical lab work (like the hipster classification game)
  • Lunch from noon until 1:30 PM. There’s an overwhelming choice out there. So far, I’ve tried Eataly, Essen, Bread & Butter, a Korean takeaway, plus a few more
  • Afternoon class with more practical lab work, until 6 PM +/- 1 hour. Working with MTA turnstile data this week. Also found publicly available School Point Location data, and installed ArcGIS for mapping MTA stations and schools. All our code and artifacts are stored at GitHub.
  • Dinner in Manhattan with fellow Krashers, or straight home
  • In Brooklyn: Shopping at local deli, doing the dishes, watching wacky TV series on Netflix/Amazon

Other random activities and observations:

  • Walked from Brooklyn to Manhattan, over the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Walked up Fifth Avenue from Madison Square Park to Central Park
  • Bought some garments at Macy’s. Hmm, those trousers do look a bit too short, after all
  • Had a swim try-out at the Manhattan Plaza Health Club. Water temperature OK, out-of-water temperature not OK.
  • Despite our 90-minute lunch break, fellow students eat and walk to/from the eatery at great speed, for no apparent reason
Picture of Krash Brooklyn
Krash Brooklyn at 71 Irving Place, around 7:30 AM